Zapier Integration Timeline?


I know a while back it looked like Zapier Integration was on the timeline of things Gmelius was working on, but I was just wondering how active it was moving. Is this something that we would be looking at in the next couple of months, or would it be more like the end of the year or later? It would be really helpful for me to be able to include it on some of my Zaps and really help speed things up for me.



Our Public API will be soon available (early Summer). This will power up our Zapier integration. The first version of our API will offer ways to connect with our sharing/collaborative features (shared inboxes, boards).

Do you already have any specific use cases or Zaps in mind? If so, please share them here!

Thanks! Maybe something like when a campaign / sequences fires, input the data (date sent, opens, emails, etc) into a Google sheet? Something like that?

OK, thanks :slight_smile:
So basically a way to power up your own reports, this is noted.