What are your biggest remote work challenges? How do you overcome them? πŸ€” We've got a few tips!

Remote work has a lot of benefits both for employees and companies. Do you agree?

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Although, as with everything, there are downsides to remote working and a few challenges to overcome, especially if you are new to it.

I think among the most common challenges that all of us might face there are:

  • Communication

It is particularly challenging because when working from home, you do not have the chance to talk to people during a coffee break or just sit together to discuss a project. Instead, it’s just you at home alone doing your job.

  • Digital overload

When working remotely we have to rely on technologies even more heavily. There is no doubt that advances in technology have had a huge impact on our productivity, but the problem of digital overload is also undeniable.

Along with these two potential obstacles there are a few challenges that are more common among employees, while there are also challenges that managers experience. We’ve covered those in our article. You will also find there the quickest yet effective tips that should help us overcome those obstacles.

Take a look! :point_down:

What are the biggest challenges you have faced so far? How are you dealing with them?

  • Communication
  • Digital overload
  • Being productive
  • Collaboration
  • Progress tracking
  • Team management
  • Something else

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