WFH: Personal tips, collaboration and some fun

Hi everyone!

Recently Gmelius has made the decision to have its employees stay home and work fully remotely.

And as not everyone has experience working remotely, I decided to start this thread where we can:

:nerd_face: Exchange some tips that help you stay efficient and focused

:raised_hands: Do some networking

:heart_eyes_cat: Share your favorite and fun parts of WFH


I’ll kick-off:

Listening to cofitivity and helps me stay focused. :headphones:

I’m also adding more detailed subtasks to my to-do board within each of my tasks :spiral_notepad:

And I’m definitely using more emojis. They help me feel like my texts are closer to real dialogs this way :crazy_face:

My dog is very happy about the work-from-home idea. He’s even decided to dress up for this!


Well, I was used to commute during ~30min by bike. The morning coldness is very helpful to get you awake :cold_face: Clearly I can feel the difference when I start working directly after taking my breakfast.
So I have now a new routine: I try to get out at least 15min before working, any pretext is good (bakery, recycling one or two bottles, or just a random walk…) :running_man:


One very important thing I guess for me will be to have the appropriate material, I’ve borrowed a screen the minute I knew I’ll have to wfh for few days.
I’ve also recreated a nice working area to feel comfy, :relaxed: and take my breaks on the balcony :coffee:


I worked from home for almost two years. It was back in my freelancing days.

My biggest tip would be to maintain your normal schedule:

:mantelpiece_clock: Wake up at the same time.
:man_cartwheeling:t4: Stick to your exercise routine.
:shower: Shower (you are showering aren’t you?)!
:man_office_worker:t4: And get fully dressed (not just from the waist up for video calls).

Bonus Tip:
:desktop_computer: And if possible work from the same place everyday. This helps draw the line between your work & life stations.


Working remotely for me would be

  • A clean and organized desk
  • The door of the room i work in kept closed
  • A fast internet connexion

Indeed my dog is also loving my new routine.

As Ermias said:
Wake up at same time, exercise routine, shower and getting fully dressed are must haves but I would add: eat healthy.

In this isolation I already lost 2kg :open_mouth:

Also define a time to stop working

Is also easy to just keep working on a quarantine and have no fun.



Yep, totally agree with you!

I feel like the “stay home work-life routine” is a good way to challenge yourself to become more organized and have a healthier lifestyle.

Great job btw! :muscle:


I have been working from home for over 20 years. So most of my routines are “flexible” because I already possess the discipline to get work done, in pj’s or not. What I do forget to do, however, is take breaks.

Utilizing the Pomodoro Technique helps with not only focus, but also adding in much needed breaks .

There are many apps out there you can use (phone or computer) and you can set your times how ever it works for you. I do 45 minutes on 15 off. The best way to start is 20 on 5 off.

After working for 20, an alarm will sound. Get out of your chair. Stretch. Get some steps in by walking from room to room. Grab a snack. Skritch your cats head. Then when the timer goes off again - its back to work. Repeat.

Hope that helps.

Be well!


Been mostly WFH for the past decade. Here are a few random tips:

  • If you find yourself getting frequently distracted online, install an extension like StayFocused, which will block sites that aren’t white-listed with certain parameters.
  • Set up a routine that gets you away from your desk on a regular basis. Maybe a glass of water at the top of every hour, or walk the dog every few hours.
  • Get a virtual work buddy. Check in with each other throughout the day. Keep each other accountable on your task lists.

Well I just moved, and I still have a few boxes in my now home office, so I have been motivated to get this room organized and presentable. I never thought of myself as someone who could get easily distracted, but nowadays working from home has been challenging my self-discipline, Definitely learning and getting much more acclimated than week one.

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