Tips & Ideas on how to build and enforce an SLA workflow

SLAs (Service Level Agreement) are very common especially in the travel and logistics industries, to provide top-notch service to customers. At Gmelius we introduced Rules to help our customers enforce SLAs and track compliance.

We started this topic, to help our community see and discuss how they can accomplish the same for their teams.

Even if your team does not have formalized SLAs with clients, the rules the Gmelius team and fellow Gmelius users will be adding below, can help you improve response times as an internal goal.

If you are now starting with tracking response times, a great place to start is your support mailbox by creating a time-based rule to highlight un-replied messages.

This rule is stating that for each new conversation received to the support shared mailbox: [[email protected]] then if not replied after 2 days, Add Tag: Urgent

And just for a whiff of introduction to SLA - based flows, it can be further customized to 1-tier / A-list clients and shorter intervals.

This rule is stating that for each new conversation received to the support shared mailbox: [[email protected]] if the sender’s email contains (client domain email) then if not replied after 12 hours, Add Tag: Urgent today, Priority

:bulb: For any help on how to create a rule from scratch, you can always refer to our help center step-by-step article.


Auto-assign conversations to specific teammates

Make sure all critical emails receive prompt reactions and are responded to in a timely manner.

For example the rule below is stating that for each new conversation if email subject contains “[key word of your choice]” then the conversation should be automatically assigned to a specific team member. It can be one of the account managers, your head of Sales, the CEO…

Typical examples include:

  • Emails from a specific client to a respective account manager
  • Technical issue routed to one of the support managers
  • Unpaid invoices

I have two questions in regards to this workflow,

Do you plan to add also other ‘IF’ operators ?, currently there are only few available ‘is’, ‘contains’, ‘starts with’, ‘ends with’. I’m missing opposite operators. so ‘is not’, ‘does not contains’, ‘not starts with’, ‘not ends with’.

Additionally there should be an option IMO to add few actions at the bottom (currently there is only one action per rule), so same as it is in IF there should be ‘+’ sign. So instead selecting only ‘send email’ at the bottom "THEN’ I would like to at the same time do few things, like: ‘send email’, ‘add label’ and f.e. ‘change status’.

BR, Damian

Hi Damian,

The rules are in Beta, and we’re iterating over them every week. New operators will be added along with the possibility of creating actions in chain. Meanwhile, you can create multiple rules with the same conditions to have a set of actions to be applied.

Thanks Florian,

I’m looking forward to next release then,

BR, Damian

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