The Future of Work and Gmelius

In these uncertain times, one thing is clear: the “Great Lockdown” will have a dramatic effect on the way we work. This crisis is going to transform our everyday workflows and processes in many ways, e.g.:

  • Remote work won’t be the exception anymore
  • Video calls will become the norm, even for client interactions
  • Tech stacks will be simplified for productivity and cost reasons
  • Managers will be primarily evaluated on their planning capabilities
  • Processes will be even more automated

Gmelius is growing in this new ecosystem, and we want to offer the best platform to support your business in this changing world. Over the coming weeks and months, our team will release key features to smoothen the transition, and I’ll detail part of our roadmap in this week’s edition of Gmelius Virtual Connect. :point_right: Register Here

In order to give you a glimpse of what’s coming very soon, we’re currently finalising our meeting scheduler which will make possible to automate the scheduling of video calls (with integrations to Zoom and Google Meet) - early screenshots below:

Hope to see you this Thursday for our Gmelius Virtual Connect!

work together. everywhere.
Florian, CEO

  • Video calls will become the norm, even for client interactions

this is so true…