Some video resources to help you get started ⏯

Hello-hello :star-struck:

If you are new to Gmelius - Big welcome! Our whole team is pumped to greet you!

Here are some walkthroughs to make sure your and your team’s onboarding is going as smoothly as possible.

  1. You can start with guide. It covers all the key Gmelius features driving you though the specific use cases.
  1. If your team is sharing one email account to manage your group emails, here’s how you can improve it.
  1. Visibility is key. That’s why Gmelius offers you a simple way to manage your clients, projects, and teams.
  1. You can also check our Help Center. We’ve covered lots of FAQ there.

Cannot wait to know how your team’s onboardnig is going. Feel free to share your experience and let the team know if any help is needed.

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