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I have created a board XX to follow my leads. In the board I have different cards: Inbox, To-do- Pendent, In Progress, Close.

This board is working with a Sequence. The sequence use a template to send an Email, and if not reply in 24h, move to board XX. Question is? Which card is it using? Can I chosee a card within the board in the Sequence?




How it works today, is it moves the email to the first column of your board, in your use case the INBOX column

In your sequence builder, you will be choosing the name of the board (in my example a client board named ACME) as seen below:

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Thanks Naya for your reply!

I have seen in your Demos that you have in the card columns an “extra area” called “Pending”… How to do that?


Hi Oliver,

Some board layouts like the ticketing and GTD ones have a pending column by default.
You can create one directly as follows:

  1. Click on Add column option at the end of your board layout

  1. Enter the Pending name for your column
    2a. Add the Pending Status

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

What I meant is to have (in the same column), an area for “Pending”. Something like this: It is visible in one of your video demos…

Got it! This is the spilt view option. Open your board settings and choose the option as seen below:


Thanks for your reply… I don´t have that option in my board settings… I see, however, that it is available in other of my boards. Why?

Hi Oliver,

Only the creator / owner of the board (or the label from which the board view was created) can see the option to split columns with pending status.

For example, if your board was created for a shared inbox using the primary email address (e.g. [email protected]), then you need to access the board with your [email protected] email address and split columns.