Relative vs. Absolute dates


How do I get Absolute incoming date written out on the email while they come in from snoozed state?
Only the relative date is shown, e.g. relative when the last snooze was set.
It’s very irritating not knowing how old and email is :frowning_face:

Currently, I need to click the “three dots” in the right corner of the email, then click “Show original” then look at “Created on”, it’s pretty cumbersome…

And yes, I want to use the Snooze feature without getting an extra gmails email at the top of the chain which I need to manually delete every time :frowning:

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Hi Arvid,

To keep the original date, please head to your Gmelius settings at:, click on the link “Customize follow-up behavior” under the “Follow-up on emails” entry. Switch to tab “Smart Snooze” and select “snooze with a reply that keeps the original date of the snoozed email”. Finally, reload your Gmail inbox:


This option will reply to the original conversation in order to snooze it. When the conversation is snoozed, a new email that only you can see will be added to the conversation/thread.

Please note that your recipients won’t see this message even if they appear in the contacts to ensure you reply to them and not our no-reply email address.

You will know exactly if your email/message has been snoozed or not, and it will keep the original date.

Hi Lina,

Thanks for the solution but it doesn’t quite suit me.
The margin for error replying to the wrong message is simply too high.
Also, the messages take up space and I need to spend time deleting them :frowning:

I suggest, just don’t add the “noreply email” in the first place, it works for the relative dates, why doesn’t it here? :thinking:

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In this case you can keep the relative dates. That would be the only option.

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