New user having trouble

Hi, New user and I’m having some issues. All I need is email tracking. I need to know that my staff have received the emails I send. I am using Safari. I have two email accounts one is the free Gmail and the other is Gmail suite. I just can’t seem to get gmelius to work on both accounts. I do not feel I am receiving adequate notifications. I have to keep going to the dashboard every time to check and the ‘ticks’ are not showing beside the sent mail. Apparently safari cannot receive realtime notifications. My last issue is that since installing gmelius, spell check feature now pops up in a very long skinny white box with the correct spelt word so high on the screen that I cannot see it and I cannot drag it down. I would love some help to iron out these issues. Thank you in advance

Hi Kym,

Kindly asking you to reach out to our Support Team directly at [email protected]. This is the best channel to reach tech help.

Best wishes,