New to Gmelius - Feedback Please

Hi members,

I’m newbie from Australia\Brisbane. Wondering if there is anyone here from Australia?

I would like to get some feedback about customer service given the difference in time zone?

Also for others members in general - I’ve been speaking to other similar service providers and the feedback is that Gmelius is great but has lot of bugs.

Just looking for a honest feedback!

many thanks,

Hello Santosh,

Welcome to our community, thank you for joining us.

Australia is one of our larger markets so one of our users may also answer you directly.

At Gmelius, we’re known for our customer service. Although, we are based in Switzerland (UTC +1 / CET) and support runs Mon-Fri from 9h-19h, our team does a great job at answering incoming queries as soon as possible.

In terms of bugs, every solution has them and our dev team is vigilant about addressing them. I wouldn’t say we are known for them. If you search Gmelius across the internet you’ll find we have a near 5-star reputation - not only our solution, but the team behind it as well.

Looking forward to having you on board and proving that to you.

All the best,