Meeting Scheduler

The meeting scheduler needs to consider all calendars under my Google account for availability. It defaults to only using the main calendar under my Google account. However, I break down my events into different calendars/labels. It’s still all under the same account, but I separate the calendars between work events, person events, blocking time, etc. If it doesn’t use my availability for all calendars, then it can allow other people to schedule meetings when I have nothing on my main calendar but I already have something scheduled on my personal or other calendars.

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Hello @trivetti, that totally makes sense. I don’t have the ETA, but it’s in our pipeline. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks Lina. Would you be able to report back once this has been implemented? I plan to switch all of my scheduling over to the Gmelius Scheduler, but it won’t work for my needs until this is implemented.