Manage your inbox and team activity from Slack!

Gmelius allows your teammates to choose their preferred workspace.

While Gmelius does allow you to get most of your work done without leaving your inbox - some of your teammates may prefer to work from Slack.

Gmelius creates a two-way integration from your shared inboxes and shared labels to your chosen Slack channels.

This means you can not only receive and reply to emails, you can also exchange email notes with your team, easily assign emails, and change statuses. And Gmelius will ensure all your data is synced in realtime across both platforms.

Setting up your Slack integration and configuring your notifications is done in just a few steps.

Do you have one for discord? My team uses discord for communication.

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Hey @Simon,

Not yet; we don’t have Discord on our roadmap of integrations.
Is your team using Discord more for voice conversations or just a chat channel?