How to run team standups with kanban boards

Especially when your team is working remotely, it’s important to keep everyone aligned, by establishing open communications and writing down all your key processes.

A simple yet effective solution would be to create a team daily diary using Gmelius boards.

The first column can be used to list your teams’ weekly goals. If you decide to create a board for the entire team, you can create a card per department, as we did in our example. If you use a board for a specific department, in the first column you can list all the tasks and subtasks for that specific team.

The rest of the columns can be dedicated to team members. Alternatively, you might prefer to name columns after departments and create a task card for each employee.

Employees’ columns or cards are a transparent way to monitor your everyone’s activities.

In the example above, the team has agreed to drag their daily cards to the pending sub-columns for their managers to review them at the end of the day. Once reviewed those task cards can be moved to the Closed column.

This board can become a universal board and a consolidation of your teams’ work.

A team board can also contain emails from different labels and shared inboxes. As you can see in our example team members have task cards marked with different colors, as they might be coming from a specific label or originally sent to one of the shared inboxes.

Personally, I really love this idea. :heart_eyes:

What do you think? Could it be useful for your team?