How to reassign emails when your teammate is out of the office?

Let’s imagine a situation:

You Support team is dealing with a high volume of emails, and you have set a few workflow automation rules to help your team be more efficient. One of them is to automatically assign certain conversations to your support agent Della.

Della is now going on vacation and you want to make sure her emails can be covered by her colleagues. Although, you don’t want to overwhelm any of them with extra work.

Here’s how Gmelius workflow automation rules can help.

  1. Access the existing rule that automatically assigns Della to specific conversations, and change the assignee to any teammate with the least number of open conversations.

  2. To be sure emails won’t be assigned to Della, simply exclude her from auto-assignments.

By assigning emails in a round-robin manner, you rest assured all emails that are covered, and none of the teammates have too much on their plates.

Want to learn more about automated round-robin assignments? Check our help center article.