How to better manage shared inboxes and labels

I bet with email assignments, statuses, and notes your shared inboxes and labels already look pretty neet. :wink:

But what about tags? This feature goes far beyond being just a nice extra thing out there. So I thought it will be useful to share how you can make the most of the Gmelius tags.

:one: When inside a shared email conversation you can use your ticketing widget on the Gmail right sidebar to create new or add existing tags.

:two: And if you’re an admin or a manager of your Gmelius subscription you can also edit and manage tags from your Gmelius dashboard.

:three: You can highlight tags with colors to make them more visible in your conversations. This helps your team visually identify what’s urgent or understand the topic before reading a message.

Your teams can use tags to contextualize and sort:

  • Support tickets by problem types
  • Sales queries by priority levels
  • Marketing emails by keywords

:four: You can also take your workflow organization a step further and automatically add tags using rules.

To learn some tips on how to use rules Jump into this topic :point_down:

Are there any special ways you prefer using tags? Feel free to share your screenshots below! :framed_picture:

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