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Cross team collaboration is a method that many businesses are embracing. Even though it’s a relatively new concept, it has a wide range of benefits that position it as a key element in the Future of Work.

In this thread, we will be sharing some actionable tips you can apply to bring your organization on a new level.

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Here are some tips on how to establish a cross-functional communication framework:

While cross-functional collaboration has many advantages, it heavily relies on efficient communication.

When collaborating with multiple teams it’s typical to report to and receive information from multiple team members. That’s why it’s crucial to:

Develop a communication plan

Make sure every team member knows whom to talk to and which communication tools to use. This will clarify the reporting relationships, streamline information sharing and establish who has final decision-making authority.

Establish clear goals

Developing a shared set of goals will help keep everyone focused and aligned. Creating shared goals also helps build a sense of community which is the first step toward building a strong foundation of trust.

Build trust

Effective communication and productive cross-functional collaboration would be difficult without trust. Team leaders need to demonstrate their credibility and reliability. Having an open-door policy will also encourage open communication and feedback which are the foundation of trust.

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For successful cross team collaboration, staying on top of things in real-time is as important as establishing a cross-functional communication framework.

Make sure to find the right set of technology to manage teams, projects, share feedback and monitor the results.

Think-through the details of your project, and based on them choose the right management methodologies. Remember, whether you will choose Lean, Scrum, Kanban or Agile to carry out your teams’ projects, it’s just as important to ask yourself what you should not add to your workflow. Take a look at this guide to learn more about various PM methodologies.

Document each step of your cross team project. Although, when it comes to documentation aim to funnel communication into as few places as possible to reduce data silos. For example, you can consider one of the following tools: Google Docs, Notion, Slite or Taskade.

At Gmelius we help teams seamlessly collaborate and get things done across departments. We make sure you stay aligned with your team members in real-time no matter whether you work from one or multiple locations. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, Gmelius keeps you connected with shared inboxes and labels, @mentions and internal notes, boards and integrations, team activity reports and more. Let us know if you’d love to learn more about any of these features.

And what is your cross team collaboration stack? How do your reassure your teams success?

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