How Seguin Financial uses Gmelius to optimize email management

In this customer story, we highlight Seguin Financial and their team who helps companies of all sizes streamline their back-office processes. Through financial services and consultations, they empower their clients to become more efficient, reduce costs, and grow their business.

In order to deliver best in class service to their range of clients it’s important that Seguin Financial themselves have an ultra-organized and efficient system. This is where Gmelius comes in.

Without Gmelius it would be impossible to organize and manage our communications!” - Andrew, Founder

One of their team’s favorite Gmelius feature is the ability to treat emails as tickets which can be assigned, and closed when resolved. During tax season especially, they no longer have to worry about who is responsible for specific emails or even worse - any client emails getting missed.

"Thanks to Gmelius we are able to treat emails as tickets. Gmelius makes accountability clear - we know exactly who is working on what and what the status is.” - Andrew, Founder

Andrew and his team are now able to manage emails with ease and clarity. And Gmelius Shared Labels, linked to Gmelius Boards, give them a visual way to further organize their communications and the tasks that follow.

At Gmelius we are proud to be the team collaboration platform trusted by Seguin Financial to deliver value to their clients.

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