How Merserwis delivers excellent customer service with Gmelius

In this customer story, we highlight Merserwis - the leading provider of measurement, testing, and calibration equipment.

For more than 25 years, Merserwis is known for excellent customer service that has allowed them to build an impressive client list including Intel, Airbus, Coca-Cola, and many more.

Merserwis has always had one main rule - Customers Always Come First.

Gmelius helps Merserwis keep their promise of excellent customer service while maintaining clear cross team collaboration across their various divisions, including: Sales, Technical Support, Lab, and Administration.

“With Gmelius we connect with our customers in a better way. Even during peak times we can react very quickly and provide whatever is needed from our side.” - Damian, Managing Director

Since adding Gmelius to their digital transformation plans Merserwis has been able to minimize the amount of tools required to get their work done and has been growing at 20% YOY while maintaining their reputation for the best customer service in their industry.

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