How I linked my email address with a specific GTD board

I was the happiest Gmelius user :star_struck: when the team released the latest version of boards earlier this year.

This iteration synchronises a Gmail label with a Gmelius board. By doing so, it opened the door to an unlimited number of useful and powerful use cases. One of my favourites is the fact that I can now link an email address (either shared or not) with a board, and any new email will be automatically added to a board.

Every morning, I organize newly arrived emails from the “Inbox” column to “To Do”, “Pending” or “Done” columns. I can also add due dates which then creates events in my Google Calendar and ensure I don’t forget any important email.

Sounds good? Here is how you can do the same:

First, head to the Board section in Gmail (ensure the Gmelius extension is installed and active):

Once there, click on the add “New board” button and enter the name you would like to give to this future board, e.g., “My Inbox”:

Click on “Next” and select the “Get Things Done” type of board:

Finally, click on “Done” in the Sharing screen:

Your board is now created. The final step is to automate the delivery of any new email sent to your email address to this new Gmelius board. To do so, we create a very simple Gmail filter by heading to

Click on “Create new filter” at the bottom of the page. This will trigger the display of Gmail Search. Here, please enter your email address in the “To” field and then create on “Create filter” at the left of the “Search” button.

Finally, select “Apply the label” and pick the name of your new board - in my case “My Inbox” - and click on “Create filter”.

You’re all set! :partying_face:

Tip: To access your board very easily, mark it as favourite and you’ll be able to view it from the left-hand Gmail navigation.


Thank you so much for all these resources in the community. I am a team of one originally bought this for the tracking & templates. Looking forward to learning more about all the other tools. Keep up the great work!