Have you used Gmelius Rules?

Gmelius rules allow you to save time by automating your repetitive tasks and create custom rules to manage your inbox.

I use them to auto-sort specific conversations to my chosen teammates. And one of my newest productivity flows is “For Each” new email, “If” it contains a specific email address “Then” “directly” send them my pre-made email template.

Creating new custom rules is a quick Three-Step process:

  1. You’ll find the Rules under the Automation tab in your Gmelius dashboard. From there click on ‘+ NEW RULE’:

  1. Now just name your rule and choose the shared inbox or label you want it to apply to:

  1. Here is where you’ll set your Rule:

Click Save and your done! Your Gmelius virtual assistant will do the rest. :wink:

This release is just the Beta-version but it’s super. Try it out and let us know your suggestions for improving it.

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Hi. I’m concerned that I’m missing something… Why are these more useful than GMail filters?

Hi Mark,

Gmelius rules come complement our collaboration suite, e.g., shared inboxes and boards. Differently from Gmail filters, they make possible to automate your team processes.

With our rules, you can automatically assign a conversation to a teammate based on a few different conditions (subject, status of the conversation, client’s reply…), add notes to shared conversations, move a Gmail thread to specific Gmelius boards and then keep track of the stage you’re in with a lead or customer, etc.

Of course, that makes sense. Thanks Florian.

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I know I have already asked about this option, and I know it will be someday available, but lacks of it, makes in many cases Rules not as useful as it could be.

So is there any ETA for additional conditions (is + not is, contains + not contains etc) and multi actions in Rules (Tag and Close a the same time)?

I do know there is a workaround for few Actions (by creating few rules) but it requires much more time to set it up.

Hi Damian,

Thank you for your feedback. Totally understand the need of both. Have passed your request about additional conditions to the engineering team.

Regarding the multi actions, please expect them in the upcoming releases.