Gmelius Virtual Connect: Streamlined Meetings & Team Communications [Watch the recording here 👇]

This Thursday, May 28th at 12pm EDT (6pm CEST) we’re hosting a live, interactive webinar.

Join us to speak about:

  • The importance of streamlined communications
  • How Gmelius is addressing this need
  • How our brand new Meeting Scheduler simplifies communications with your stakeholders and improves your team workflows

:point_right: Reserve your spot here!

To learn more about the Meeting Scheduler follow this discussion: Gmelius Meeting Scheduler is now live! 🗓

Feel free to leave your questions in this thread, and we’ll make sure to answer them during the webinar.

Can’t make it to the webinar? Don’t worry, register anyways and we’ll send you the recording afterwards.

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Thank you everyone for attending our third edition of Gmelius Virtual connect! :clap:

We discussed the future of work, the importance of streamlined communications, and were very happy to introduce you to our brand new Meeting Scheduler.

We were happy to drive you through its most common use cases and answer your questions.

If you couldn’t watch the webinar live, you can now watch the recording here. :point_left:

To learn more about the meeting scheduler, visit the feature page.

Feel free to also join this community discussion, as we are sharing more best practices around the Meeting Scheduler, and always happy to answer any of your questions.

See you at the next webinar! :wave:

And as always, we’re looking forward to hearing your ideas about which topics we should cover next!