Gmelius Virtual Connect: Save Time and Automate your Teams Operations [Watch the recording here]

Join us next Thursday, June 25th at 12pm EDT (6pm CEST) to discuss the value of streamlining your operations, improving team workflows, and how Gmelius as your team’s central platform will save you time and energy.

During the webinar you will discover how to:

  • Create automation rules to put your team’s repetitive tasks on autopilot
  • Use smart sequences to optimize and automate your email outreach
  • Turn email conversations into visual project boards

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Feel free to leave your questions in this thread, and we’ll make sure to answer them during the webinar.

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To get the most value out of the webinar feel free to ask your questions upfront, and we’ll make sure to answer them.

And here’s a poll question that will be interesting for everyone:

How much time per day do you and your team spend on repetitive tasks?

  • 0 hours, we’re Gmelius Champions! :muscle:
  • 1-2 hours :confused:
  • 3-4 hours :cold_sweat:
  • Way too many :weary:

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P.S. Don’t forget to book your spot. There will be a surprise at the end of the webinar. :gift::shushing_face:

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Thank you for attending our 4th edition of Gmelius Virtual connect!

If you couldn’t watch us live, you can now watch the recording here. :point_left:

As promised, in this thread we’re covering the examples we went through during the webinar.

Below you can learn how to:

  • Create auto-responses
  • Automatically add labels
  • Add automation inside boards
  • Automate tagged conversations
  • Develop SLAs and time-bound rules

As well as:

  • What are the key benefits of creating these rules
  • And how Gmelius rules are different from Gmail filters

Follow this link to better understand Gmelius rules.

And check out this step-by-step guide on how to create a rule with Gmelius.

How to create auto-responses in Gmail

Key benefits of creating auto-responses: Let your recipients know that their emails were received and will be taken care of shortly.

How to automatically add labels

In our example, the Customer Care team uses a “Delivery Issues” shared label to drive the attention of the Warehouse team to loop them in when a customer has an issue with the delivery.

Key benefits of automating the labeling process: By doing so, you won’t need to forward emails to the right team or colleague any longer. The shared Gmail label with the auto-labeling rule will automatically loop them in at the right moment.

How to add automation inside Gmelius boards

With Gmelius you can visualize your shared labels and inboxes by turning them into customizable Trello-like project boards.

Boards give visibility and understanding on which stage each part of the project is.

Learn more about how to manage your boards.

How to automate tagged conversations

Gmelius tags provide you with additional information and add context to your emails at a glance. Learn about how to create and use hags here.

In our case, the Warehouse team uses the “Refund” tag to notify the Refund team.

Key benefits of creating automation for tagged conversations: Similar to the auto-labeling rule, this rule enables cross team collaboration and helps drive projects through their pipelines in a visual way.

Please note, with Gmelius rules you can also automate the tagging process itself.

How to develop SLAs and time-bound rules

Depending on your company policy, and the type of your business, you might be dealing with a high volume of emails on a daily basis. In such cases, you might want to create time-bound rules or SLAs.

In our case, we can automatically notify the refund team with an SLA warning if a tagged conversation is still open after 3 days.

How Gmelius rules are different from Gmail filters

While Gmail filters help you automate individual processes inside your inbox, Gmelius Rules act as an intelligence layer that allows you to optimize your teams’ processes, to make them faster, simpler, and more collaborative.

By automating your workflows with Gmelius rules you speed up and add visibility to your teams’ workflows, bring the right departments together, while letting every team member be more efficient.

Gmelius Office Hours Workshop

Need help to set up or optimize your rules?

Join our Office Hours Workshop to go through your specific use case and make you get the most value from Gmelius.

Learn more here :point_down: