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We’re busy developing and offering collaboration-first email clients on the go, making possible to manage your different shared inboxes.

Our team released native applications for Android and iOS, both in early beta.


This is the place where you can share your feedback, ideas and suggestions with our team.


I used the old mobile app last year but found a lot of features didn’t work well, so I decided to test this one out to see any changes. A couple of things:

  1. I don’t see a way of updating my signature. By default, it says “Sent with Gmelius” and I don’t see any way to change this.

  2. When I click on an email that is being tracked and then look at the activity tab, it shows the wrong dates. For emails that I’ve sent within the last week, it shows that they were opened in 2019 for some reason.

  3. I don’t see any way of emailing using a template or sequence.

Any idea when the app will be moving out of beta and fixing these issues?

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I was searching for a solution to the signature issue too. I found it and the solution
really easy. Simply disable the signature under general settings and it will use your gmail signature. Now I need to get rid of the two dashes (–) part…

If I understand you on templates, just start the new email and click on the gmelius logo in the lower right. A list of options will appear.

Not sure about the activity dates, but I would clear the cache (and possible data) for the gmelius app and see if that fixes it.

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Thanks for the reply Kent. Are you using Android or iOS? I’m using iOS and none of that is working. I don’t even have a settings option on my app. There’s no where to disable to signature. Also, when I start a new email there is no gmelius logo in the bottom corner. I’m wondering if this is maybe just an iOS issue.

I’m on Android, so I’m guessing it is different. The settings are a little buried on mine. I click on the “three bars” menu at the top left, scroll way down to the very bottom, and click settings. The signature option is at the top.

Yeah it’s definitely different. No settings option on iOS. It would be great to be able to send emails from my phone using gmelius. Hopefully we’ll get a good update soon.

Hello @trivetti,

Jeremy here from the Gmelius support team.

Thank you for your interest!

As we just release our new iOS Gmelius app and the app is still in Beta, the setting button is not available yet, but good news! This will be on the next release.

We are not able to provide any precise release date, but around the end of April, the beginning of May.

We will also improve the way to update your signature manually, being able to use Template & Sequence in coming updates and fix the issue regarding the wrong date of tracking. Our wonderful development team is on it!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If there is anything else, I could do for you, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Kind regards and stay safe!

Jeremy from Gmelius

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I’m in the same camp as some of the other posters here so far.

Some very immediate suggestions that I have after opening the app for just a minute would be:

-The option of “all inboxes” for folks with multiple accounts

-a swipe from the very left edge of the screen should bring up the left nav menu, like in the gmail app, while swiping from the non-edge section should bring up the actions like it currently does.

-along those lines, 2 different levels of actions per swipe (left short, left long, right short, right long) would be great and let us add more swipe actions. Many apps do this successfully. The swipe actions are currently far to large of a movement before actually being triggered. See Apollo for Reddit, at least on iOS, for examples of this. I don’t think people need the swipe to hover there if their action didn’t swipe deep enough anymore, as this gesture is now commonplace. An “undo” action for a few seconds would be very helpful as well since on mobile we more often make mistakes. See gmail app for example.

-It would be great to show the icon of the current account at the top (where your current search icon is) so we can tell which account we are in without tapping on the hamburger menu. And, a swipe down on that account icon should change between accounts. All of this is implemented in the current gmail official app on iOS. The search just moves to the empty space in the middle of that top bar.

Some of these things may already be coming in the settings button that we don’t currently have on iOS, so I apologize if they are already being worked on.

I’m really looking forward to being able to use this app as a daily driver!

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Hi there,

Thanks a lot for such great input! We really appreciate all the suggestions and we’ll take them into account.

As you might have noticed, more and more features are constantly added both for Android and iOS.

Both apps work smoother and faster! And you will love their new branding!

Here are just a few things that Android users might have already seen and that are coming very soon for iOS app:

:gear: Settings option: Customize your swipes and chose a default alias
:joystick: New custom swipe options: From Share to Mark as (un)read to Archive
:outbox_tray: Templates: Send emails faster on the go using all the features available on the desktop

Check them out!