Gmelius Meeting Scheduler: Updates and Feedback 🗓

We are just a few weeks away from scheduling meetings with ease - directly from your inboxes! :rocket:

Our team has prepared a few great features that will allow you to automate the entire process. Here are just a few of them:

  • Share your calendar availability in your emails
  • Add details and invitee questionnaires to confirm a meeting
  • Find the right time for each call without sending emails back and forth
  • Synchronize scheduled meetings with your Google Calendar
  • Insert meeting invites with Zoom or Google Meet links
  • Send automated reminders at a time of your choice

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

  • Wow! Can’t wait! :partying_face:
  • Yes! Tell me more! :heart_eyes:

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Find a few early screenshots here! :point_left:


We’re excited to show you the first preview of our new Meeting Scheduler!

With Gmelius Meeting Scheduler you’ll be able to:

  • Share your calendar availability in your emails
  • Send automated reminders at a time of your choice
  • Add details, invitee questionnaires, and confirmations
  • Insert meeting invites with Zoom or Google Meet links
  • Synchronize scheduled meetings with your Google Calendar
  • Find the right time for each meeting without sending emails back and forth

It’s coming soon. Stay tuned!


Meet Martin, our Development Engineer.

For the past few months, he’s been working hard on the Gmelius Meeting Scheduler. And here’s why Meeting Scheduler is his favorite feature which it’s going to make a big difference for you and your teams!

We’re excited to let you know that Gmelius Meeting Scheduler is now live! :star_struck:

Watch the quick overview :point_down: and visit our feature page for more details.

Join us for Gmelius Virtual Connect tomorrow, May 28th at 12pm EDT (6pm CEST) to see the Meeting Scheduler in action with real use cases.

Interesting. Can it be used to schedule a phone call? Or just google meet and zoom?


I came here to ask this same exact question. We need the ability to schedule something on the calendar that isn’t a zoom or google video call.


Hi there,

Thank you for your questions.

Of course, you can totally schedule a phone call or an offline meeting.

In the Conferencing Location, along with Zoom or Google Meet, you can provide any preferred location, for example, “phone call” or your office address.

If necessary, you can provide your phone number also in the conferencing location or in the meeting description.

And in the Invitee Questions, you can ask for a phone number of your invitee, and activate the Required toggle for it.


Thank you. Here is what I was hoping this would be.

In the Compose window of Gmail, I would like to say something like:

“Let’s schedule a call. Following are times when I’m available, Click one and it will be added to both of our calendars.”

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You can create a template or a snippet.

You can learn more about how to create and use templates here.

Snippets can be created and saved the same way as templates. Once saved, you will be able to add them into the body of your email with a quick backslash " \ ".

Alternatively, you can add it as a description of your meeting.

Which will then appear on top of the confirmation page for your invitee.

Okay, but I need to initiate it via Gmelius, and not within Gmail?

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You will need to create it once on your Gmelius dashboard. After that it will live in your Gmail (inside the compose window).

If you are free in an hour I invite you to join our webinar, we’ll show how easy it is to use the meeting scheduler. And we’ll cover all its aspects and will be happy to answer any questions live. :slight_smile:

You can register here. If you are not available, no worries! To everyone registered to the webinar, we’ll send the recordings right after.

You can insert your meeting calendar within your Gmail compose window in 3 different ways:

1. Using the Calendar button

2. Using the backslash shortcut

3. Using the hashtag shortcut in the email’s subject

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Thanks for showing me how to add a phone call. I didn’t realize we could type in that field and assumed we had to select from the drop down menu.

I’m also noticing an odd behavior. I set up a meeting schedule that does not include any times for Saturday or Sunday. However, when I add the meeting to my email, it still shows the weekend days with times available. When I click on the “See more slots” link, the web page now correctly grays out the weekend days. Why are the weekend days still showing times in the email? Shouldn’t the weekend days also not be showing in the email?

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I’d love to be able to send multiple text messages to someone who schedules a meeting with me as well as schedule multiple emails as well. Is that possible currently or is it something that can be added in a future release?

I currently use another scheduler but would love everything all in one solution. My current workflow though is I send someone a link to pick a time that works best for them in my current meeting scheduler program. Once they pick their time and submit it, it automatically sends them a Thank You/Confirmation message that their meeting is now set up and it has the date/time and any personal message from me that I have setup.

They then also receive a text message with the same thing (some people prefer email and some prefer text) so this ensures they get it no matter what their preference is. Then the system also sends me a confirmation email saying someone booked a meeting with me and it also send me a text with the same info. I am able to set up as many of these emails or texts that I want to.

I then have another email and text sequence go out to them automatically a day before their meeting reminding them that it is coming up and then one more an hour before their meeting. All of these build trust and remind them about the meeting. Just wondering if this scheduler can be built out similar to allow us those functions?

Thank you. Great work so far!

Is there a way to set the times for the meetings as a 12 hour clock format instead of 24 hour hour clock?

Hi Brian,

Welcome to the Gmelius community :partying_face:
Growth customers can already send email reminders to their guests, in addition to the standard reminders associated with the event in their calendars.

We’ll add further integrations this Summer, e.g., Twilio and Zapier that will make possible to offer additional channels to remind your guests.

Our focus is currently on fine-tuning the feature and making it available across devices, i.e., desktop and mobile.

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I figured you were already working on those things, but just wanted to share some ideas.

I appreciate that you concentrate on getting all core features right before moving on to additional requests. That’s the way I do things too so I completely understand.

I am loving Gmelius so far and look forward to future additions to it as well. Thank you for all your hard work!

I am indeed on the growth plan, how can we already send multiple email reminders? I see the one, that we can set when setting up the meeting initially in settings. Is there another way to add more right now or is that in a future release? Thank you!

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It’s indeed odd and does not happen on our side. The team is investigating right now. We might reach out for more details, and we’ll keep you updated shortly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hi Brian, with Gmelius you can send one reminder in addition to the one associated in your calendar.

The work around would be to create a sequence to send more reminders if needed.