Gmelius for Remote Teams

Hello Teams,

Let’s discuss remote work.

Gmelius is full of info to empower remote work, from our video guides to actionable blogs. Here’s one to get you started, highlighting five reasons why Gmelius is one of the best team collaboration tools for remote teams.

But here in our community, is where you’ll have access to thousands of professionals using Gmelius on a daily basis.

How is your team using Gmelius for remote work?


To give you an idea, here is how our Marketing department is using Gmelius @ Gmelius. We heavily rely on our kanban boards to manage our projects and collaborate with other departments.

And especially these days, when our whole team in working fully remotely, we use boards to keep track of all team activities.

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We are, like thousands of teams worldwide, had to go remote overnight.

If you are one of them and looking to an actionable plan to remain operational and stay organized, here is a short guide. :point_down:

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