Follow-up on emails doesn't keep the original date

When I use the follow-up emails feature, the email return to my inbox with the date of return instead keeping the original date and time.
How I can fix this bug?


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I’m running into the same issue.

Gmelius Team - is there any way around this? Seeing the original email send date would be very helpful to me and my team.

@FSVTodd @Victor Thank you for your question. You can find the answer here:

Thanks, Lina.

I performed the steps you mentioned above. Now, snoozed emails are appearing in my inbox with the original date, which is good. However, they are not giving me any detail regarding the content of the original message.

The content of the snooze notification email looks like this (See image)

Does this mean, I need to search for each specific subject to see what the email content was that corresponded to that snoozed subject line?