Few basic settings I think I'm missing

I’m sharing below few settings or ways how our team would like to be able adjust Gmail with Gmelius, hoping that maybe there is solution we don’t know or maybe others can share.

  1. Email address I use to reply

When you use few shared email boxes it’s very easy to make a mistake and reply from your personal email rather than shared email.

I would expect to reply to an email that was sent to [email protected] also or always from [email protected] and [email protected] from [email protected] rather than my personal email and unfortunately I’m replying to often with my email simply forgetting to chose sales or support email at the beginning of my reply in a drop down box (this is when unsent function in Gmail often helps).

It will be more complicated if I use even more shared emails.

Is there any way how to deal with it?

Any rule or setting that I’m missing that would set the right address so that I didn’t have to remember about that each time?

  1. Reverse conversation

In standard in Gmail conversation you have recent email at the bottom and oldest at the top, which seems lack of logic.

In order to read last reply I need to scroll all the way down or use keyboard shortcut.

It would be more reasonable and practical to have recent reply at the top - this is how it works in many email clients.

I couldn’t find is there a way how to change this natively in Gmail or Gmelius.

I did found however Chrome plugin ‘Gmail reverse conversation’ which is working quite fine, but due to some issues it hides ‘Email URL Icon’ that is available thanks to Gmelius as a way of sharing email by url.

  1. HTML WYSIWYG editor

In our emails in sales we often use templates with tables presenting products and prices.

Unfortunately there is no native way (as far as I can tell) in Gmail how you can do some basic changes f.e add or delete row in HTML table in email body.

It is possible to edit HTML in Gmelius templates editor but not in email replying window. So is it possible to turn it on in Email window?

In this case it is possible to use 3rd party plugin from Cloud HQ but to I believe that to many different plugins will result at some point in compatibility issues.

BR Damian

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Hi Damian,

Welcome to the Gmelius community.

  1. Please see and follow this help article, and you’ll then be able to reply - by default - from the respective shared inbox email address.

  2. This is the way Gmail is designed, and we don’t have any plan of changing it as it makes chronological reading more convenient :thinking:. One of the reasons to use reverse-chronological ordering is because the newest email also had all the previous replies in it, so you only read one email (bottom to top). But in Gmail, duplicate information is hidden, meaning each email only contains the text unique to the message. You can read top to bottom without duplication, and in the order of the conversation. Besides, when you return to the email later to look at new replies, the previously read emails default to hidden, so they won’t clutter up your screen.

  3. This is a nice suggestion. Our product roadmap is already quite full but this has been added to our backlog.

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​Hi Florian,

Thanks for your answers, I do understand that your pipeline is full, and what I believe is very important for our Company dosen’t have to be as much important for majority of Gmelius users.

However here are my comments to your reply:

  1. Awesome, thanks.

  2. Wel…

I understand that this is a standard way how Gmail works, but one of the reasons why Gmelius exists at the moment is because it is filling the gap of functions that Gmail doesn’t typically offer or is missing.

In most of the email solutions or email software (beside Gmail) like Outlook, Yahoo, Thunderbird, etc. you can simply choose how you prefer it to be, this is a function that Gmail is missing and really a lot of users complain about that, you can simply check in Google: Gmail conversation view reverse order

Imagine (and this is not the unusual case) that if I have conversation spread across 5 months with Customer (that is often the case with all sort of Tenders), with many emails that suddenly speed up last week since we are almost closing this deal, and I’m replying with Customer back and forth few times a day, why on earth I or anyone else would need to read all the emails from last 5 months (if I know their content) each time when I receive a new email and scroll down to the end of very long conversation.

When in fact the most important content in this conversation is the latest reply. If I need to read older conversation (which is not so common) I can simply then scroll down but not each time on each reply.

This is simple time saver.

  1. Great

It would be nice if you would manage to add this at some point in the future.


BR, Damian

Hi Damian,

Re point 2. I’ve been having a similar issue and agree it would be a great option for Gmelius to have.
Till then I have recently started using a Chrome Plugin called Gmail Reverse Conversation, it doesn’t seem to affect Gmelius and appears to work fine. (with my limited use. I have no affiliation with the plugin)

Hi Will,

Thanks, I also use this plugin for some time - but I did found one small issue. Gmelius gives you the possibility to copy a direct link to an email, that you can send to another Gmelius user.


Icon of this function is located usually in the same place where icons for printing and expanding conversation are present. But when you use reverse conversation plugin it is not always visible (sometimes it is visible after you will hit F5 to reload web page with an open message/email window ).

BR, Damian