Edit / Disable Gmelius shortcuts

Is it possible to change, block keyboard shortcuts in Gmelius? In the Help Center I found only a list of available shortcuts without information about changing them. The lack of possibility to change them is very burdensome, e.g. in Polish where the letter “ą” = alt +a, similarly to “ó”. - alt + o etc. Writing in your mother tongue becomes extremely tiring.

Best regads

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In the same vein as @Artur_B23’s request, could the Gmelius shortcuts follow the rules of major operating systems (use the command key ⌘ on Mac OS as opposed to the control key)? For instance, most applications use ⌘enter to close and send a note (slack, message, …) and ^+enter is often reserved.

Hi @Artur_B23, hi @bouvierjr at the moment you cannot change or block the shortcuts. I appreciate your feedback and have passed it to the Engineering team.

Thank you for your understanding.